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7 Dr. Oz Tips That Can Immediately Boost Your Health

As one of television's most prolific health personalities, there are tons of Dr. Oz health tips and insights to look at from over the years. From the way that he approaches common questions and myths, to some of the hard facts he shares and explores, there's plenty out there to help you immediately start improving your health. Find out where you can tune in.

Here Are 7 Dr. Oz Tips That Can Start Improving Your Health Today:

1. Find Healthier Recipes From Celebrity Chefs

We all have our favorite recipes, but they're not always good for us. Take a tip from Dr. Oz and look to celebrity chefs for healthier versions of your favorite meals. On one episode of The Dr. Oz Showhe invited chef Rocco DiSpirito on to show one woman how to make her backyard barbecues healthier.

2. Look At Dietary Trends & Statistics

Dr. Oz can get general insight from experts, and also hit you with hard, specific facts. On the show, he's pointed out that 90% of Americans may not eat enough fiber-a preventative of heart disease and colon cancer. The easy takeaway is that we should all focus on eating more fiber to improve our day-to-day health, as well as to prevent frightening diseases down the road.

3. Use Natural Products For Cleaning 

Toxins and chemicals in common household cleaning products can be affecting your allergies, respiratory system, and much more.To avoid furthering these symptoms, and start improving your health today, switch to natural products. On the show, he discusses the best natural cleaning products out there. Dr. Oz's all-purpose cleaner formula is a blend of white vinegar, seltzer, tea tree oil, and hydrogen peroxide.

4. Don't Take Hot Showers In The Morning

Last year on The Dr. Oz Show alternative medicine expert Dr. Tieraona Low Dog came on to explain the difference between exhaustion and chronic fatigue. She also gave tips on how to better combat general fatigue. Apparently, cooling down after a hot shower drops your cortisol levels, adding to drowsiness going into the day, which negatively impacts the rest of your body. Cutting that out might give you more energy, so that it's easier to stay up and make healthy choices throughout the day.

5. Make Rulebooks For Your Favorite Treats

When it comes to your favorite sugary drinks and snacks, Dr. Oz will flat out tell you they are unhealthy, but he won't implore you to quit completely. For example, he says that if you have to have unhealthy energy drinks, keep them to at most one a day and only buy brands that have less than 10 grams of sugar and less than 300 mg of caffeine per serving. Making these small adjustments can quickly turn your dangerous habit into something the body can better tolerate.

6. Educate Yourself About Different Health Philosophies

The Dr. Oz Show spends a lot of time looking to alternative and holistic health philosophies like ayurveda. As Dr. Oz sees as well with those on Z Living shows like Desperate for a Miracle and I Beat The Odds these practices can offer immediate relief for troubling ailments ranging from sleep to digestion and heart health.  

7. Drink More Tea

One of the best parts of The Dr. Oz Show is when he brings on experts to discuss a certain topic, and how everyday people can approach it. On an episode where he brought on a brain health researcher to discuss Alzheimer's disease, they talk about how green tea is a proven preventative of the memory disorder. While that's a longer-term benefit, green tea is more immediately beneficial when it comes to weight loss and lowering cholesterol.