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A Mental Checklist To Help You Stop Stress Eating

When stress eating is your main way of taking edge off, your waistline and general health face a tough road. We know, everybody occasionally turns to a snack to feel better, but if you're trying to lose weight or improve your health, then it's time to cut out the binges. On Z Living's original series The Big Fat Truth host JD Roth helps people from all walks of life: teachers, type 2 diabetics, moms, nurses and more kick bad habits, like stress eating, for good.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Stop Stress Eating:

Be Honest

Most of us tend to suppress stress, which makes it tough to get rid of. Chronic stress is sometimes hard to identify, but if you're overweight or struggling to lose weight in spite of a seemingly great life, then something is up. Ask yourself if it's your weight that's stressing you out, or if there's something else going on. 

Find The Source

For stress eaters with a long commute that pushes you to the drive-thru, make it more fun with podcasts and healthy snacks for the ride home. If it's a bigger issue like your home life, try to find a way to deal with it by communicating or seeking outside help, like therapy. If you can't find something like that, make a point to call a friend every week to just talk, and that could help unearth the source of your stress.


Host of The Big Fat Truth JD Roth swears by one major tip chill out. It might sound corny and simple, but giving yourself a break when you're trying to start a new lifestyle is key to actually making it stick. Don't beat yourself up for having a treat or needing help, just try your best. When you can be honest with yourself at the end of the day, you can move on and do better. So, sit down at the end of every day and write down what you did right, where you slipped up, how you can do better, and what you're proud of yourself for. We can always find something to fill those four categories! 

Find Healthier Comfort Foods

Sometimes you're going to stress eat. You just will, and that's okay. But if you find healthier alternatives to your usual comfort foods, you'll have an easier time dealing with the slips. Healthy stress eating is an oxymoron in a way, but it's as easy as cutting your usual portion into quarters, or finding a way to cook the food yourself using less oil and butter than a restaurant or fast-food place might.