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Discover These Weight-Loss Tips Watching 'The Big Fat Truth'

Throughout its inaugural season, our original series The Big Fat Truth has unearthed a number of useful weight-loss tips for viewers to take home. The series follows everyday heroes—like mothers, nurses, and teachers—who’ve lost control of their health, and use host JD Roth’s help to get it back.  

Here Are Five Weight-Loss Tips From The Big Fat Truth:

1. Seek Outside Help & Inspiration

The whole process that takes place on The Big Fat Truth every week consists of people who have lost control of their health reaching out for outside help and inspiration. JD Roth offers his expertise, and garners remarkable results. 

2. Organize Your Life

From the outset of each episode of The Big Fat Truth,  host JD Roth has each guest express what they think has gotten in the way of their health over the years. It’s often the case that we lose track of our exercise regimens, or other factors of life—like work and family—become so chaotic, that our health takes a back seat. The first step on the road towards weight loss is organizing your life, and maintaining that organization, so that health is always a priority.  

3. Demand Support From Your Loved Ones

There are several characters who come into season one of The Big Fat Truth and struggle to get their loved ones to support their weight-loss efforts. In these cases, JD Roth goes to the homes and speaks to the husbands, and the sisters, and the children, and explains how important their support is. If you’re trying to lose weight, getting your whole household on board is a great place to start. 

4. Take Action

There is no weight-loss plan out there that requires you to simply keep doing the same things you’ve been doing. The Big Fat Truth places its participants on 90-day wellness plans, which forces them to take action right away. If you don’t hold yourself accountable with goals, deadlines, and actions, then it’s a lot tougher to make true progress.  

5. Cook For Yourself

Most of overweight America has grown overly dependent on the speed and ease of eating fast food, but JD Roth proves over and over again on The Big Fat Truth that cooking is just as fast, and far healthier. On one episode, he shows a family how to make a healthy, lentil-pasta dinner for five, in the same amount of time that it takes them to go to the nearest drive-through and bring dinner home. It’s also the only way to guarantee that you’re always consuming fresh, healthy ingredients.