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Everything You Need To Know About The Dr. Oz Show

With television’s favorite doctor now right here, we wanted to make sure that you have everything you need to know about The Dr. Oz Showall in one place. Find out where you can tune in.

What Is The Dr. Oz Show? 

For those who are unfamiliar, this show features celebrity health-and-wellness expert Dr. Mehmet Oz, as he hosts a myriad of special guests and celebrities including Michael Strahan, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, and Michelle Obama, among many others. The Emmy-Award winning show has been airing since 2009, and now all of its episodes are right here on Z Living.

When You Can Watch Dr. Oz 

You can now catch The Dr. Oz Show on Z Living 7 days a week. These long daytime blocks of Dr. Oz will give you the perfect opportunity to get your health and wellness entertainment when it works for you. Tune in for chats with celebrities about their health, new workouts, trendy diets, debunking health myths, and so much more. 

What You Can Expect From Dr. Oz 

When you tune in to watch The Dr. Oz Show, be prepared for a wide variety of content. Episodes range from sit-down interviews with celebrities, to demonstrations of exercises, to recipe making, myth debunking, and so much more. This is the one health-and-wellness show on television where you can get health and weight-loss advice from a dietician, a celebrity, an everyday person on the street, and the ever-talented Dr. Mehmet Oz.  

Where You Can Watch The Show

You can now watch The Dr. Oz Show right here on Z Living most days of the week. Check out where you can watch on Z Living. Toss it on and open your mind to all of the miraculous discoveries, trendy breakthroughs, and hot topics in the world of health and wellness. You will find plenty of laughs, gasps, and a whole lot of life-changing moments.