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How 'Desperate For A Miracle' Will Blow Your Mind

There are three words that all of the people featured in our returning series Desperate For A Miracle once needed to live by: never give up. The reason these words are so important to these inspiring individuals, is because each of them defied odds given by doctors and experts to overcome life's most powerful obstacles. Join American singer-songwriter, and host of the show Jewel as she shows us real-life inspiring stories of people who turned to alternative methods to heal from chronic, life-threatening illnesses.

A Few Of The Brave Survivors You'll Meet:
With this program, viewers will discover people like  Reyah Carlson, who was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and endures years of suffering before finding an unexpected answer. Then there's Rita Jones, who was once blindsided by a mysterious set of symptoms:extreme nausea, rashes, difficulty breathing, swelling in her throat, dramatic weight loss. Conventional doctors have been stumped, but a Jones finds new answers with some homeopathic experts. Another favorite is David Artuso, who struggled with only being able to see words on a page as a jumble of blurred images. Tune in to discover the chance encounter that helped him get to the root of this mysterious problem.