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The Most Embarrassing Questions Dr. Oz Has Answered

Dr. Oz answering embarrassing questions is one of the most tickling and fun themes from The Dr. Oz Show.
 Excited for Dr. Oz to arrive, we put together a list of some of the most embarrassing questions he's answered on the show. 

1. How Do I Avoid Red Bumps From Bikini Waxes? 

Mia asked Dr. Oz about the ever-present red bumps she gets after bikini waxing, and he told her it's because the waxing process rips up small pieces of skin, making her prone to infection. His advice on avoiding red bumps from bikini waxes included: opt for hard wax, apply hydrocortisone after, and don't have sex for two days after waxing. 

2. What Do I Do If I Lose A Tampon? 

When this woman lost her tampon, she had her friend go digging through her business to find it. While the story is funny, Dr. Oz suggests that next time she try squatting and pushing down. He also makes a point to tell the audience that losing a tampon is a surprisingly common issue.

3. How Soon After A Heart Attack Can My Spouse Have Sex?

This is a really important question for couples who go through the hardship of a heart attack, be sure to check with your primary doctor too. Oz does have some tips he offered on the show: touch your loved one's toe, if it's warm, that means circulation is good. If not, they should see a doctor. 

4. Why Do I Have 9 Nipples? 

Leah came on The Dr. Oz Show to figure out the mystery behind why she has nine nipples. Dr. Oz informs us that at least 6% of people have at least one extra nipple, and they can pop up along your milk paths during puberty. There's no real risk or danger associated with these.

5. Is Camel Toe A Health Problem? 

This is a question that many, many have wondered, yet few have asked. Dr. Oz says camel toe comes from wearing pants that are too tight, and it's worth keeping an eye on, because too many "front wedgies" can lead to yeast infections.

6. Why Are My Wife's Farts Louder At Night? 

One brave husband asked Dr. Oz why his wife's farts are louder at night, who responded by explaining that when you're sleeping, your body relaxes and lets go of gas easier than when you're awake. He suggests eating a little less before bed, especially dairy and carbonated beverages, to curb the toots.

7. Why Does One Of My Husband's Testicles Hang Lower Than The Other? 

Janeane had been concerned about why one of her husband's testicles hangs lower than the other one for quite some time.Oz put her at ease, sharing that 95% of the time, the left one hangs lower than the right. If one is much bigger than the other, then you should see a doctor. 

8. Why Do I Have An Itchy Butt All The Time?

On one episode, Maggie boldly asked Dr. Oz why her butt is itchy all the time. He explained that this often happens from over-aggressive wiping that leads to inflamed and infected skin, and he prescribed her moist wipes with witch hazel.