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VIDEO: This Shark Attack Survivor Made A Surprising Career Choice, On 'Conquered'

When Ironman competitor and triathlete Maria Korcsmaros (at right) survived a shark attack from a 9-foot teenage great white shark about 150 yards off Corona del Mar State Beach, her life changed in unexpected ways. Her story is featured on our inspiring new series POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered. Watch the video above to see Korcsmaros describe what happened after she was bitten by a shark, moment-by moment and how she survived. 

Here's What Happened When Korcsmaros Was Attacked:

While training for an Ironman race, Korcmaros attracted the attention of a teenage great white shark. The shark's bite punctured her right arm and tore away part of her tricep, while the pressure of its jaw broke two of her ribs, punctured her lung and liver, and fractured her pelvis. She lost nearly a liter of blood, and almost died. 

But After Her Shark Attack, She Became The Animal's Unlikely Champion

After her recovery, rather than fearing or shunning the animals that almost took her life, she's embraced them, advocating to stop the worldwide trade of shark fins.