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You Can 'Change The Day You Die' By Drinking Coffee

In Z Living's compelling show Change The Day You Die, people living unhealthy lives connect with nutritionist Adam Carey, who advises them how to change the way they live in order to change the day they'll die. In our series 'You Can 'Change The Day You Die', we're highlighting health news that can help anyone live a longer, healthier life. The old proverb says "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," but a new study looks away from fruit to our daily caffeine fix instead.

While it may sound unlikely, new research from York University found that heart-attack patients who drink one-to-two cups of coffee a day are 20 percent less likely to die prematurely from heart-related issues, compared to those who don't drink java. 
The study tracked 3,721 heart-attack survivors in the United Kingdom and analyzed their daily habits. The findings surrounding the controversial caffeinated beverage support past findings such as that drinking may coffee increase life expectancy, lower the likelihood of getting Alzheimer's disease, and protect against liver cancer.

In the US, where an estimated 50% of the population — around 150 million people — drink espresso, cappuccino, lattes, or iced coffee daily, this daily addiction could turn out to be a health trend, through it's not entirely clear how coffee helps the human body. Unfortunately, the morning beverage often goes hand-in-hand with less-healthy favorites, like donuts or pancakes. Remember, prevention and consistent healthy decision-making is the only way to truly change the day you die. But luckily, being a coffee addict is no longer necessarily a poor health decision.