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You've Been Running All Wrong-But You Can Fix It

What is the Pose Method of running, exactly? The 40-year-old practice focuses on adjusting your running technique to prevent common injuries and elevate your athleticism. On an episode of our series Sweat The City, host Adrianne Ho stopped by Canada's largest indoor obstacle course for a lesson on how the Pose Method works.

The Basics Of The Pose Method

The method is considered effective by most, including Mikey Pamaputera, the instructor who introduces Adrianne Ho to the method on Sweat The City. In the above clip, he says, "Movement isn't just about one foot over the other. There are certain biomechanics in which you have to get your body into to respect the laws of nature. That way, you won't get injured." The main law of nature that Pamaputera talks about here is gravity the main ingredient of the system. One of the first tips Pamaputera gives Ho is to focus on pulling her legs up, rather than pushing them down when running. Pushing is unnecessary, because of gravity. This is an example of the many poses the Pose Method focuses on to help economize your energy exertion, by focusing on where you need it and where you don't.  To get some more insights into how the running technique works, and the Pose Method drills Adrianne Ho tried on her visit to Pursuit OCR Health Club in Toronto, check out Sweat The City

The Advantages Of Adopting The Pose Method

According to Pose Method Websitethe many advantages of the technique include: less injuries, better performance, it's adaptable to all sports and running exercises, and it's relatively easy to adopt.The site also refers to it as, "The perfect tool for coaching, analyzing, teaching, physical therapy and more." 

How Do I Get Started On The Pose Method? 

Once sold on the simple, tremendous value of adopting the Pose Method, a lot of people tend to start wondering how they can get in on it. There are many books to explore from the movement's pioneer- Dr. Nicholas Romanov- you can start with. There are also countless trainers out there, who practice the it- like Mike Pamaputera- and can teach it, and show you how to do the best Pose Method drills, or where to find the best Pose Method shoes.