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How Smart is Your Dog? Try This Easy Dog IQ Test

There's tons of IQ tests available for humans, but it's tougher to test Fido's intelligence. So just how smart is your dog? Luckily, there's a ton of simple canine intelligence tests you can do at home to find out.

For one easy doggie IQ test, we went straight to Seth Casteel, host of Z Living's popular, heartwarming show Finding Fido — a show all about match-making between owners and shelter pets looking for a forever home. 
Check out the ultra-simple problem-solving test in the video above to see how it's done, or follow along below.
Here's What You'll Need For Finding Fido's Simple Canine Intelligence Test.
  • Your dog, of course!
  • A towel or light blanket
  • A stopwatch (if you want to be scientific about your results)
Then, Do This:
  1. Toss the towel or blanket over your dog's head, covering it completely.
  2. Start your stopwatch (or just count) to see how long it takes your dog to get free. Give him or her some gentle encouragement, as Seth does in the video above.
  3. Write down your dog's score in seconds. (And PS, if he just stands there or doesn't shake free after about a minute and a half, take the blanket off him.)
Here's What Your Dog's Score Means:If it takes your dog less than 30 seconds to shake himself free of the towel or blanket, congrats! This shows that your dog has keen intelligence and problem-solving skills.
If it takes your dog a bit over 30 seconds — say, 31 to 120 seconds — that's still good! Your dog has great problem-solving skills.
If your dog tries but doesn't succeed, give him a point for trying. It shows he or she is thinking critically, but just may need a bit of practice or extra encouragement.
And if your dog doesn't try to get free, don't worry, this doesn't mean your dog has low intelligence! Most dogs are excellent at learning new skills, so practice this test with him or her by doing it a few more times, and encouraging your dog to come out. Chances are, your Fido will pick it up in no time.
For more dog tips, tricks, and IQ tests, tune into Finding Fido, only on Z Living.