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7 Reasons We've Got A Mad Crush On Chef Rocco DiSpirito Of 'Now Eat This!'

 I have a confession: I, and the whole Z Living team, just can't get enough of the handsome, charismatic, knowledgeable guy that is chef Rocco DiSpirito (and yes, I'm gushing). And we're all excited to announce that he's now returning to Z Living with his show Now Eat This! In Now Eat This! DiSpirito works kitchen magic as only a seasoned chef can do, transforming America's favorite comfort foods into deliciously healthy dishes with maximum flavor. You've likely seen him before, as his resume boasts guest appearances on popular shows like Top Chef and The Biggest Loser, plus he's the author of eight cookbooks. But that's just the beginning of why we love DiSpirito.

7 Reasons We've Gone Mad For Rocco:

1. He's not just a pretty face. DiSpirito's rise to fame came from his celebrated restaurant Union Pacific in New York City. Though the restaurant is now closed, Union Pacific drew rave reviews from industry critics for his approachable Asian fusion made with classic French techniques. He's been on the cover of Gourmet and recognized as one of America's Best New Chefs by Food & Wine back in 1999.

2. He's a mama's boy (in the best possible way). 
He's got a great relationship with his mother, who worked with him in his New York City restaurant, Rocco's on 22nd (now closed). Mama DiSpirito taught him how to make traditional Italian meatballs on his reality documentary show about opening Rocco's, The Restaurant, and growing up, he was inspired by his mother's cooking and learned traditional Italian techniques from her. Swoon.

3. He's a notable author. In addition to opening three restaurants and hosting many, many shows, his best-selling cookbook Flavor won a prestigious James Beard award, and he has 7 other cookbooks to his name as well.

4. He has an amazing sense of humor. He's admitted in various interviews that he loves watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, listens to Miley Cyrus, and would love to be a combination of Ryan Seacrest (for his hair), Mario Lopez (for his dimples), and Adam Levine (for everything else).

5. He's great with kids. Watch his banter and ease with children in this exclusive Now Eat This sneak peek. It melts our hearts: WATCH: A Healthier Recipe For Chicken Tenders From 'Now Eat This!'

6. He's got moves! His appearance on Dancing with the Stars in 2008 showed us that this chef can shimmy with the best of them.

7. He's one good-lookin' guy. People agrees. In 2002, they named him Sexiest Chef (as if we didn't know already!).