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Dishing The Dirt On 'Kim's Rude Awakenings'

"I'll do it tomorrow", you promise as you rush out, passing a growing heap of laundry in your room. But what happens when that pile grows larger, multiplies, and takes over your entire house? On Kim's Rude Awakenings hosts Kim Woodburn and Mike Chalut visit homes which have fallen prey to these multiplying messes. Each home Kim and Mike visit are plagued by hoarders who drown their homes in a sea of sentimental items. Cleaning then becomes a bigger challenge and other family members sit back and watch as their mess spreads. Each home is swallowed up by clutter so tenacious that family members are often too embarrassed to invite people over. Kim and Mike act as fairy godparents through a combination of tough love and tidying tips. They give families the tools they need to transform their hovels into homes again. 

You Know What They Say, One Man's Office Is Another Man's Inflatable Monster.

Inflatable Monster
We all have a little trouble maintaining a healthy work/life balance. It's even harder to do so when you work from home. The Kuryllowicz family are caught at the wrong extreme of this balance. Peter and Lisa's home run business has infiltrated and taken over their home, their living room, dining room and even their son's room is overrun with cabinets, paper piles, and office supplies. Mike delivers a wake up call to this family that turns their metaphorical elephant in the room into a literal one. A giant inflatable monster fills the room as the Kuryllowicz family are forced to confront the consequences of having their work life bleed into their family home. Confronted by this silly example, parents Peter and Lisa take care and begin their home makeover. But before transforming their home, they have to also makeover their children's attitude towards cleaning. One of the standout gems from this episode is Peter and Lisa's cheeky daughter Hannah who gives gives Sass Queen Kim a run for her money.

Patton Family: Grownups as Terrible Twos.

Rubbish Room

The Patton family desperately need to declutter and minimize their hoarding for baby Desirae's safety. Kim and Mike ask the adults to crawl around to demonstrate the proliferation of dangerous objects that can harm Desirae found on their living room floor. A large portion of the mess stems from matriarch Beth's sentimental hoarding. She maybe the only person left still collecting Beanie Babies, old TVs, and archaic VHS tapes. Mike teaches her the difference between actual sentimental objects and junk. He brings her a memory box for her favorite possessions and lets her know they can still be precious but tucked away out of sight. The Patton family join together to clear out decades worth of junk and to reclaim their home as a safe and inviting space for baby Desirae. 

Morgan-Mackenize Family: Everyday is A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Rubbish Family

Kim and Mike have their work cut out for them when they visit the Morgan-Mackenzie household because all four members of the family are hoarders. They are dollar store junkies, online shopping addicts, and sentimental collectors who have boxes full of rubbish piling in all rooms the house. In addition to their magpie-like collecting habits Kim describes the Morgan-Mackenzies as 'family of slobs' after seeing their Christmas decorations lingering in their living room months after December. Kim and Mike help them differentiate between necessity and junk by dividing possessions into never use, sometimes use, and everyday use piles. Encouraged by Kim and Mike the Morgan-Mackenzies hold a yard sale with proceeds going to Kendra's college funds. With the sale a success, Kendra and Doug are able to leave the nest as young adults who can live on their own.