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Here's What Happened To Blackjack, Lobster & Scotty From Finding Fido

On the fifth episode of Finding Fido, host and canine expert Seth Casteel helps standup comedian Chris Pleasant, his wife, Kali, a sales & marketing professional, and their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Brooklyn find a shelter dog to adopt. The family were especially interested in an energetic, younger dog to accompany Brooklyn and as Chris wryly stated "tire her out," as well as encourage the adults to exercise. After meeting Lobster, an energetic 1-year-old Terrier/Poodle mix; Scottie, a laid-back 4-year-old Scottish Terrier mix, and Blackjack, a 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix, the Pleasant family, in a surprise move, decided not to adopt any of the dogs they met. Instead, they decided after careful consideration that they weren't in a good place to open their home to a dog, due to the age of their daughter and how they imagined it might effect their family,  a responsible decision that Seth ultimately applauded.Curious about the next steps for Blackjack, Lobster, and Scotty? Read their stories below.

So What Happened To Blackjack From Finding Fido?

As host Seth Casteel reveals in the episode, Blackjack found a new home in Los Angeles with Aiden, a flight attendant, and Daniel, a tax compliance officer. Re-named "Izzy," Blackjack is now an A-list pooch living it up in the city, and enjoys organic wet dog food, lazy spa days at the doggie groomer, and long naps. Below are photos of Izzy with her new dogmate, Gatsby, plus, you can find her on Instagram using the hashtag #izzythepup.

So What What Happened To Lobster From Finding Fido?

After his Finding Fido debut, Lobster found a new forever home in Southern California. While we don't have photos to share, we're excited that Lobster found a new family and wish him all the best.

So What What Happened To Scottie From Finding Fido?

After his starring role on the show, Scottie found a new forever home in Los Angeles.While we don't have photos to share, we're excited that Scottie found a new family, and wish them all well.