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Here's What Happened To Boomer & Winter From Finding Fido

On the premiere episode of Finding Fido, host and canine expert Seth Casteel helps production designer Matt Hiscox find the perfect companion for his active, outdoors-y lifestyle. Seth also fulfills an additional special request, too: A diabetic since the age of 15, Matt was seeking a dog that could potentially be trained as a diabetic alert dog, able to sniff out changes in blood glucose levels. 

After meeting Boomer, a clever 2-year-old Australian cattle dog; Winter, a relaxed 1-year-old Husky mix; and Tundra, a young and intelligent 7-month-old Siberian Husky mix, Matt decided to adopt Tundra — a dog he felt matched his energy levels and adventurous spirit. Tundra, Matt felt, could easily be trained as a diabetic alert dog. Tune in to Finding Fido every Tuesday at 9PM to watch more shelter dogs find their forever homes.

Curious about the next steps for Boomer and Winter? 

What Happened To Boomer?

After his Finding Fido debut, Boomer was adopted by a loving couple in Southern California. Today, he has a new name: Charlie. Click through the slideshow above to see his dogmate, Penny, as well. The two are best friends and have been inseparable since their first meeting.
Before meeting Charlie, Penny was a very nervous dog who didn't do well with strangers. Charlie, on the other hand, loves everything and everyone — a big reason why his owners felt that he would be the right fit for their home. Charlie's forever home is full of love and the family is so happy to have him. Click through our slideshow above for images of Charlie, aka Boomer.

What Happened To Winter?

After his Finding Fido debut, Winter was adopted by a family in Southern California. When he isn't chasing squirrels at the dog park with his playmates, he enjoys a long snuggle on the couch with his owner and best friends. He loves exercising on the beach and in the mountains and enjoys a good winter swim in the Pacific, too.