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Here's What Happened To Gracie & Sammy From Finding Fido

  So what happened to Gracie and Sammy from Finding Fido? Read their story below, and watch our short video clip of these two with their new owner Roberta Greenberg, above. On the sixth episode of Finding Fido host and canine expert Seth Casteel helps helps medical transcriber Roe Moore search for the right dog to encourage her to get back into an active lifestyle after suffering from a neck injury. Roe wanted a smaller, playful, and smart dog to help her stay active, and also to find a new community of friends — and she had a love of dachshunds. After meeting Buddy, a friendly 6-year-old dachshund mix; Gracie, a take-charge 1-year-old miniature dachshund; and Sammy, a calm 3-year-old standard-size dachshund, Roe decided to adopt Buddy a dog she felt was super-active, playful, and with a huge personality, and the dog she connected with the most. Even if he wasn't a dachshund.

So What Happened To Gracie and Sammy?

These two dachshunds were actually adopted together by self-described dachshund lover Roberta Greenberg of Southern California. Says Greenberg, "I frequently look at the lists in shelters to see if there's any dachshunds that need help  and we spotted these two beauties. People have the mistaken impression that you can't find pure-bred, healthy, wonderful dogs like this in shelters, and I'm here to tell you that the shelters are full of them. There's no need to shop when you can adopt." And why did she adopt Sammy & Gracie? "These two were beautiful dachshunds, full of personality. There was no reason for them to linger in a shelter. For me, everything is better with a dog!" she says. We wish Gracie and Sammy all the best in their new home with Roberta Greenberg.