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Here's What Happened To Fuji & Herbie From 'Finding Fido'

On the second episode of Finding Fido, host and canine expert Seth Casteel helps newlyweds Daane and Marisa Griffeth find the perfect dog for their household. The pair was difficult to match with an pet because of their opposite preferences on size: Daane wanted a big dog to exercise with; Marisa preferred a smaller dog.

After meeting Herbie, a big 7-year-old Lab/Boxer mix; Fuji, a super-smart 1-year-old German Shepard/Beagle mix; and Luna, a spunky 1-year-old Spaniel/Papillon mix, Daane and Marisa decided to adopt Luna — a dog they felt would be energetic enough to keep up with Daane, yet small enough to satisfy Marisa and fit well in the space. It was, as the couple notes, an ideal compromise in their marriage.

Curious about the next steps for Herbie and Fuji? Read their stories below.

So What Happened To Fuji?

After his Finding Fido debut, Fuji was adopted by new Southern California owners who are focusing this smart dog on a “tricks-and-treats” homeschooling. Today, you can find Fuji strolling through Los Angeles with his new owners, counting butterflies and eating caterpillars. 

So What Happened To Herbie?

After his Finding Fido debut, Herbie stumbled into the arms of Maggie, a cheerful lass with flaxen hair, who gives Herbie all of the love a dog could ask for. Herbie and Maggie enjoy peaceful walks through the mountains and lazy afternoons at the park. Maggie thinks Herbie is the perfect pooch.