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Here's What Happened To Tuffy & Jelly From Finding Fido

On the fourth episode of Finding Fido, host and canine expert Seth Casteel helps digital media consultant Todd Koerner adopt a shelter dog to help him get out of the house more and stay active, as well as to help him better manage his multiple sclerosis (MS) by staying active.

After meeting Tuffy, an affectionate 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel; Sunshine, a smart 9-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix; and Jelly, a calm, sweet 2-year-old Terrier mix, Todd decided to adopt Sunshine — who greeted him with dozens of kisses when they reunited, and a dog he calls "a match made in heaven." 

Curious about the next steps for Tuffy and Jelly? Read their stories below.

So What Happened To Tuffy?

After his Finding Fido debut, Tuffy found a home with new owner Albert, in Southern California. We don’t have any photos to share, but we wish Tuffy and Albert all the best for their new friendship. 

So What Happened To Jelly?

We’re happy to report that Jelly found a new home in Southern California. We don’t have any photos to post, but we’re thrilled that Jelly found a loving family to call her own.