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Meeting The Yoga Girls: Elise Joan

On Z Living’s new original series Yoga Girls, we meet some of the biggest names in West LA’s famous yoga scene including Elise Joan. You might recognize her from her best-selling fitness DVDs, or appearances on ABC, E!, Lifetime, and Amazon over the years, but Yoga Girls is a totally new world.  A pioneer of spreading her fitness message to the masses, Elise Joan isn’t afraid to stand up to West LA’s yoga traditionalists, who look down on mainstreaming the practice. 

Who Is Elise Joan?

Originally a singer and dancer from New York City, Elise’s performance career was cut short by a vocal injury. After moving on from the performing arts, she soon became walk-in student at Manhattan yoga studio, where she quickly developed into a passion for the practice. She’s since become an instructor, influencer, and she's moved to West LA to join the area’s premiere yoga scene. 

What She’s Up To Now? 

Elise Joan is the creator of thousands of hours of filmed workouts, all surrounding her three main focuses—ballet barre, strength training, and yoga. By signing up for her program, you can create your own custom workouts, which Elise Joan calls “BlissLists,” by mixing and matching ten-minute workout videos, and preset one-hour combinations. You can also create a customized schedule to do these workouts when it's convenient for you, while also being able to access them from multiple devices. 

For those who aren't totally ready to sign up, there are plenty of free insights, poses, and inspirational messages throughout all of her social media platforms. 

Elise Joan’s Instagram Spotlight 

This post symbolizes why we love Elise Joan Fitness. In it, Elise Joan gives us an inspiring message about how to raise your spirits and your hips at the same time. In addition to the demonstration, and uplifting words, Elise Joan also has this is a part of an exciting countdown to her wedding day. That combination of family love and yoga culture make her accounts a blast to follow.  Check out the Elise Joan Fitness Instagram for more posts like this, and for more, follow Elise Joan Fitness on Facebook and Twitter too. 

image via Healthination