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Meeting The Yoga Girls: Caley Joyner

On our new original series Yoga Girls we look at the lifestyles and methods of the most accomplished yogis from West LA, and Caley Joyner is one of the leaders of the pack. A yoga instructor, pioneer of female empowerment, and social media guru—Joyner’s constantly balancing a medley of events, posts, classes, and an on-again-off-again with her yogi love interest Vytas. 

Who Is Caley Joyner?

In college, Caley Joyner dabbled in yoga, and slowly developed a routine that became a passion. She later started getting serious with intensive teacher-training classes in San Francisco, and went on to become one of the leading yogi Instagrammers and influencers in the world. Her brand is fun and relatable—as her classes are highly sought after, her appearances treasured, and her social media lifestyle adored by a ton of followers.

What’s She Up To Now? 

Now in the premiere West LA yoga scene, Joyner spreads a message of self-love through yoga classes, appearing at conferences, events, workshops, and retreats. She’s a successful brand ambassador, content creator, and fit model who has appeared in SELF Magazine, Alo Yoga, Mantra Magazine, and many more distinguished publications. 

Caley Joyner Instagram Spotlight

Caley Joyner’s Instagram is fun, because she’s constantly rocking inspiring poses in cool locations such as this pink-brick wall. In addition to the blissful and natural aesthetic of her feed, she also pumps you up with inspiring captions and poetic flare.  Check out Caley Joyner’s Instagram for more posts like this, and keep up with her brand on Joyner’s Facebook, and Twitter pages. 

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