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Meeting The Yoga Girls: Jesse Schein

Z Living’s original series Yoga Girls follows the biggest names in the ever-trendy West LA yoga scene, and among them, Jesse Schein cares the least about being popular. In a day and age where influencers and online classes have taken over, Schein aches for a past that she remembers as more pure.  

Who Is Jesse Schein?

Jesse Schein fell in love with yoga in her 20’s when a friend introduced her to the practice. She’s since become as well-qualified and well-educated of a yogi that you can find in West LA. She’s achieved over twelve years of professional instruction, become certified at the 500-hour level, and gone on to lead teacher trainings around LA. 

What Is Jesse Schein Up To?

Known for tough classes and a steadfast allegiance to old-school yoga techniques, Jesse Schein has been at odds with modern yoga’s culture shocks. Instagram models, and classes shared digitally tend to strike her as cheap riffs off the sacred practice that she’s dedicated her life to. In the above video, she equates these things to cheap fast food. This causes for some friction between her and younger yogis, but also raises one of the series’most interesting questions—Should yoga be changing the way it is in LA today? 

Jesse Schein Instagram Spotlight

Jesse is adamantly against turning her yoga practice into an Instagram feed, so her profile is a refreshing break from poses and glamorous photoshoots. Its familial, and simple, and often with some great life-advice thrown in—like in this post, where she tells us some important insights about meditation. 
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