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Meeting The Yoga Girls: Sophie Jaffe

Z Living’s original series Yoga Girls features the most well-known teachers and influencers from West LA’s famous yoga scene, and Sophie Jaffe is one of the most vibrant of the bunch. With her own brand, her own classes, and her own events, Sophie is doing pretty great, except when her yogi friends don’t show her the same support that she shows them.

Who Is Sophie Jaffe? 

Sophie Jaffe is one of the most well-respected health and wellness experts on the Westside. Her career really took off when she founded her company—a wellness brand named Philosophie. The company’s goal is to, “Make it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal wealth and radiant wellness.” Sophie Jaffe's business also helps people with a unique line of cleanses, superfood products, and health consultations. On top of it all, Jaffe still regularly teaches yoga. 

So, What’s She Up To?

In addition to creating new lines of cleanses and superfoods, giving personalized health consultations, and teaching yoga classes on a regular basis—Jaffe also hosts events around LA and the world. Close with fellow yoga girls like Caley Joyner, she’s a strong proponent of supporting the local community. However, when she goes to Joyner's events, and the friend doesn’t reciprocate, feelings sometimes get hurt. Never letting it get her too down, Jaffe always stays pro with her practice and inspiring social media accounts. 

Sophie Jaffe Instagram Spotlight

We love the pose and inspirational poem we get here with this Sophia Jaffe Instagram. Check out her feed for more poses, as well as delicious and beautiful foodstagrams, and heartwarming family photos. For more Jaffe content, check out her Facebook and Twitter