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Meeting The Yoga Girls: Vytas Baskauskas

Z Living’s original series Yoga Girls follows some of the most-followed and revered yogis in West LA, and Vytas Baskauskas is always in the front and center of the action. His story is one of the more inspiring from the show, as he found yoga coming out of a serious heroin addiction. Using the practice to help with his recovery, he found a much deeper passion. 

Who Is Vytas Baskauskas?

Vytas Baskauskas isn’t your typical West LA yogi. Finding his practice as an aid for rehabilitating from his drug addiction, Baskauskas' love affair with yoga was as pure as can be. He’s widely beloved and respected in the local community, but does find himself in some dramatic situations including those with his ex Jackie Smyth and more recent yogi-girlfriend Caley Joyner. 

What Is Vytas Baskauskas Up To?

Vytas is one of the most active yogis in West LA, and he teaches classes through distinguished local studios like YogaWorks and Udaya Yoga. He hosts retreats and events, where people can get in touch with themselves in quiet and immersive settings. Baskauskas also offers streaming and DVD classes for your at-home enjoyment. 

Vytas Baskauskas Instagram Spotlight

 Vytas’ Instagram is filled with uplifting pictures of him teaching like the one shown above. You can see from his inspired captions and the enthusiastic comments section how much his class is loved.  For more posts like this check out Vytas Baskauskas’ Instagram, Facebook and Twitterimage via