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What You Can & Can't Do In A Yoga Studio

Have you ever wondered what you can and can’t do in a yoga studio? Well, since Z Living has a brand new original series called Yoga Girls which features the leading yoga teachers in West LA, we’ve got all of the inside knowledge.  

Here Are 3 Things You Can Do In A Yoga Studio, & 3 Things You Can’t 

You Can:

Limit Your Conversation In The Studio
Going to a yoga class with an experienced teacher, like those featured on Yoga Girls is largely about surrendering yourself to a greater practice, and an education. If you’re chatting with friends or always trying to give an opinion, you’re less likely to grow. 

Clean Up After Yourself
Yoga is a sustainable practice that you could do with just your body and some space, and in the spirit of that minimalist nature, it’s important that you minimize your footprint. Wipe down fallen sweat, put your mats and blocks away, be respectful.

Be Yourself
Yoga is a no-judgement form of exercise, and it’s important to recognize your physical limits as you go to avoid injury and track progress. If you need a break, if you need help, if you have a question, don’t be afraid to let yourself come out and express that.  

You Cannot: 

Be Plugged In
We live in day and age where it’s difficult to leave your cell phones and laptops behind, but it’s important to come to yoga class unplugged. If you’re on your phone, it will ruin your experience and others’. 

Let Your Ego Get In The Way
This goes back to being yourself—if you try to hold a pose that you’re not ready for, you can seriously get hurt and delay your progress. Additionally, if you let your ego shield yourself from taking constructive criticism, then you’ll never make any progress.

Walk On Other People’s Mats Sure, some classes get super crowded, so it can be difficult to not walk on other people’s mats. However, they are there to signify personal space, so just do your best and acknowledge it if you accidentally pop into someone’s bubble.