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Adopt or Shop? ADOPT!!! Adoption Tip #1

Why should you adopt?

You Simply Must: Three million dogs will end up in shelters every year and sadly, many of them will never find a forever home.  There are simply more dogs than there are homes looking for pets.  The odds are stacked terribly against dogs, but fortunately there are many different ways to help.  Can’t adopt right now?  Maybe fostering is right for you.  Can’t foster?  Maybe you can volunteer at a shelter or an adoption event!

Adoption Is Cheap:
Not only is adoption helping out your local community, it’s also less expensive than shopping for a dog.  Breeders can charge thousands, but adoption fees total at around $85.  This typically includes identification chips, licenses, spaying & neutering, and vaccinations.  Plus, you’d be supporting an important institution that works to improve the welfare of animals, rather than profit off them.

Looking For Something Specific:
 Over a quarter of all rescue dogs are pure bred and if you’re looking for a specific breed, there are many options with breed specific rescues.  For a useful tool to find out about all the adoption opportunities in your area check out this LINK.

Only Bad Dogs End Up In Shelters:
 Absolutely NOT TRUE!  Actually, most shelter dogs are good boys.  Dogs are more often surrendered to shelters due to unaccommodating landlords rather than behavior problems.  In fact, most rescue dogs are housebroken and perfectly ready to be a happy addition to any family.  And if you have your heart set on raising a puppy, shelters are still a great place to look.  Every year litters of all sizes come in to shelters across the country and those pups need homes too!