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Good Boys Everywhere! Which One Is Right For You? Adoption Tip #2

Am I ready?

All The Bones:  
Adopting a dog is wonderfully rewarding for both you and the pet you choose, but there are a few things to consider before you take Fido home.  Remember, adoption is a lifetime commitment (at least for one of you).  So it’s important to understand exactly what all you are committing to, especially financially.  Great Danes eat more dog food than Yorkies eat, so do make sure that you are getting a dog you can afford.  Plus there is always the possibility for a surprise vet bill.  It is critical to keep in mind unplanned emergency costs.   

Dog Life
:  Make sure you are picking a dog that fits your lifestyle.  Are you an outdoorsy person who loves to hike everyday?  Or are you more of the Netflix-&-Chill type?  A mismatch in this department is bad news for both you and your pet.  Consider your activity level and check that against the type of dog you are considering.  If your job keeps you away from home most of the day or includes frequent overnight travel, are you prepared for the costs of boarding your pet or paying a dog walker?  For some breeds, boredom can lead to very desructive behavior, and then nobody is happy.  Fortunately, many new services like WAG provide on-demand dog walking that can be managed through your smart phone or desktop.  This is a great way to keep your dog stimulated and exercised even though you may not available.

Making This Dog House A Home
:  Own a house with a yard?  Awesome!  Live on a 20-acre farm? Very cool!  Adopt away!  But if you live in an urban area then there are other items you probably need to consider when choosing a pet.  Many apartment complexes and Home Owners Associations have specific rules when it comes to dogs.  While your building or complex may not prohibit dog ownership, they still could have weight or breed restrictions.  Definitely consult your property manager or H.O.A. board before heading to the animal shelter.