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Take The Quiz Change A Life! Adoption Tip #3

What Typa Rescue Dog Am I?
  So now that you have committed to the idea of a dog, how do you commit to an actual dog?  Where do you begin?  After considering the various responsibilities of adopting a shelter dog, it might be a good idea to take an online quiz or two to help narrow down what breed might be the best fit.  A great place to do this is at the American Kennel Club.  AKC offers a short quiz that covers more practical criteria like whether you mind loud barking, and what is your tolerance for shedding.  Yes, some dogs don’t shed.  If that’s a big deal for you, you need to take this quiz!  Once you’ve identified a few breeds that already possess traits that you prefer, then you can begin your search with a better idea of what you’re getting into.

Doggie Daycare and Foster Failure
  When it comes to falling in love with a furry companion, data science can only take us so far.  There’s still nothing that can replace actual “paws-on” experience.  If you have friends with dogs, offer to pet sit!  Boarding dogs can be expensive and everyone could use some free pet sitting every now and then.  Plus, this is a great opportunity to experience caring for a dog in the real world.  If you don’t know anyone in need of Doggie Daycare, connect with a local shelter or rescue group and volunteer to foster.  Fostering is critical for many shelters and rescues.  Fostering helps with shelter overcrowding and sometimes even inadvertently places shelter dogs in their forever home in what is lovingly known as “Foster Failure.”  Don't let the phrase fool you!  Foster Failure is the most rewarding kinda failure there is!