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Adopt, But If You Can't Adopt, SPONSOR! Adoption Tip #4

Be A Hero!
Most cities and towns have a Municipal Shelter.  This is a great place to start your search.  Because these are a public service, city shelters cannot board animals indefinitely and this of course leads to animals being euthanized.  So if you’re looking to adopt a pet, start with your local city shelter.  You may end up saving a life.

Buying Time! Nobody likes to hear about lonely animals being put down.  But there’s happy news here too.  Some nonprofits will help animals lovers sponsor shelter dogs, literally buying them more time until they can match with the right humans.  Sponsoring is a great way to save more dogs if adopting is not an option for you.  For more info on programs like this check out BEST FRIENDS or catch up with our friend Sebastian over at RESCUE BUDDY.

How Much Is That Puppy In The Window?  Some non-profit animal rescues are now partnering with pet supply stores in popup events called Adopt & Shops.  These dogs aren't for sale, they're for RESCUE!  Get to know the pup, fill our some paperwork, then turn around and buy your first bad of dog treats all under the same roof!