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Are You Cleaning Your Windows & Mirrors With Poisonous Chemicals?

Is it hard to find your own face in your mirror lately? If your mirror is dusty, suffering from toothpaste specks, or just streaky, we have the easy cleaning lifehack to make your mirror the cleanest of them all. Best of all, it's an all-natural, non-toxic, and even cheap solution.

Of course, we go this pro tip from Britain’s biggest housekeeping celebrity, Kim Woodburn. She’s cleaned the dirtiest houses as the host and straight-talking tough-love lady behind our show Kim's Rude Awakenings. On the show, she attempts to overhaul the rudest, laziest, and messiest families and, yes, she runs into her fair share of dirty windows and mirrors. 

In the video above, Kim breaks down how to get that streak-free shine for almost no effort at all. The secret? Household white vinegar. Yup! You can find it at the grocery store and you can always afford it, no excuses.

Because vinegar is an acid, it breaks down through dirt and dust easily. Make sure to mix your one part of vinegar with two parts water and put it in an empty, clean spray bottle for the best cleaning coverage.

Another tip from Kim: if you’re all out of paper towels or in a pinch, you can use newspaper the same way you’d use a towel to clean your mirror or window. Kim says  that it’s what they used to use back in the day, so you know it’s good!