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Salt: Provencal Salt Prawns

High-energy chef and seafood expert Spencer Watts loves cooking with seafood, which is why he's making a cookbook featuring delicious sustainable seafood recipes. Today he reveals how the many faces of salt, like soya and miso, add incredible flavor to cod and prawns. Spencer starts with sweet, sustainable Pacific Coast black cod, which is also known as butterfish because it melts in the mouth. First, he brines the cod in maple and soy, then he caramelizes it in sizzling butter, and finally he rests it on top of a creamy butternut squash puree. Next he transforms Atlantic salt cod into decadent fluffy-on-the inside, crispy-on-the-outside salt cod potato cakes. In act three he makes sweet, succulent prawn dumplings and introduces them to his favorite miso soup. He finishes by showing how to cook prawns with a light salt crust and a decadent béarnaise sauce perfect for dunking.