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Citrus: Mahi Mahi with Citrus Slaw

Fish loves to dance with sweet, juicy citrus fruit - it makes the fish happy, and it makes chef and seafood expert Spencer Watts happy, too. In this chapter of developing his new sustainable seafood cookbook, Spencer shows how the bright burst of acidity from lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit adds tantalizing flavor to mild mahi-mahi and sweet scallops. He starts by steaming mahi-mahi filets in flavor pouches so they become infused with sweet and tangy lime coconut rice, zesty ginger, and edamame. Talk about a flavor explosion. For his next dish Spencer turns up the heat and grills mahi-mahi, pours a charred orange beurre blanc sauce over top and serves it with a zesty citrus slaw. Now it's onto buttery sea scallops, which are just delicious when covered in a light lemon crumb and served with a creamy lemon, parmesan and white bean puree. Finally, Spencer uses plump bay scallops to make a zesty, fruity ceviche with avocado salsa.